Sou’wester Article – April 17, 2017

Sou’wester Article – April 17, 2017

Sarah Guillemard, MLA for Fort Richmond

Sou’wester article: April 17, 2017


Budget Starts to Address Province’s Challenges 


Governing and politics would be so much easier if we had the ability to look into the future and see how our decisions will play out. Strong leadership includes taking risks in the hopes that the long-term benefits will outweigh the initial backlash and fear that come with change.

Change is necessary for growth, and growth is necessary for success. Orchard farmers and gardeners understand the process of pruning their plants and trees in order to create room for healthy growth. If you do not remove the unhealthy branches, the added burden of sustaining their nourishment steals energy from the branches that are producing fruit.

Nature also prunes itself in order to remain sustainable. Through strong winds, animal encounters or wildfires, the process of removing unhealthy elements is necessary to keep land fertile for generations to come.

Our focus in government is to make decisions today that will set the course for a sustainable future for the next generation. This is not an easy task, especially after a number of years of harmful decisions made by the previous provincial government. Manitobans asked for more accountability, transparency and stability when they went to the polls a year ago. Our constituents knew Manitoba was in trouble if it continued on the path it was headed, and they voted for change.

Last week, our government introduced a budget that addresses many of our challenges, yet also reveals glimpses of the hope that is to come. It was with great pleasure that I was able to share news of the grant for the expansion of the Campus Daycare Centre, right here in Fort Richmond. I anticipate many other opportunities to highlight successes as we move toward a balanced, dependable model of financial planning.

There will be growing pains along the way, and that is to be expected; these growing pains will not be in vain. Manitoba is known for its people who walk alongside those in need of support and encouragement, and I have no doubt that is exactly what Manitobans will do in the coming weeks, months and years as we all play a part in the successful growth of our province.