Sou’wester Article: August 22, 2018

Sou’wester Article: August 22, 2018

Important work being done at Richmond Kings

Sarah Guillemard, MLA for Fort Richmond


Summer is a great time to reflect on priorities.

 Whether personal or professional, we are all better off when we can set clear goals based on the values most important to us and to those around us.

The healthiest work and home environments are those that can adapt to change and reset priorities based on need. Our government has demonstrated a clear commitment to listening to the needs of the communities we serve through the Community Places Grant Program.
It was with great pleasure that I connected recently with some of our community organizations to share the good news of approved grants. The money allocated to these projects will provide much-needed repairs to community use buildings, as well as replace equipment used to maintain our many sports fields.

 As a former soccer player and coach (and current fan and founding member of Winnipeg’s Valour FC soccer team), I know the importance of maintaining healthy grounds to play sports on. Richmond Kings Community Centre has been a central meeting place for many teams in soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball and more. The staff at RKCC are responsible for the upkeep of several outdoor sporting venues including the Ryerson rinks, the Dalhousie fields and the Silverstone site.  

Last fall, RKCC manager Murray Harding shared with me the various challenges with aging equipment and the high demand for playable fields by outdoor sports groups. Working with City councillor Janice Lukes, we were able to prioritize the projects that would benefit the community the most, including upgrades to a tractor used to keep our fields in working order.
Our provincial government earmarked $50,000 from the Community Places Grant Program to assist RKCC.

 More than $7,300 was also awarded to the Ryerson Boys & Girls Club to help with renovations to its facility. I was so impressed during my visit to the club last spring when they unveiled their newly renovated kitchen. The program staff care about every child, and this was reflected in each beaming smile as the children shared their favourite parts of the club. Thank you to Ron Brown, president and chief executive officer of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, for all the work and care you put into helping our youth!