Sou’wester Article: January 30, 2017

Sou’wester Article: January 30, 2017

Sarah Guillemard, MLA for Fort Richmond

Sou’wester article: January 30, 2017


Learning about our library system

The New Year has firmly made itself known in Manitoba with snow, blizzards and cold! After 2016 treated us to a warm summer and fall, it seems 2017 began with a reminder that we live closer to the Arctic Circle than to the equator.

As unpleasant as I find the cold, there is a small part of me that enjoys a reason to stay indoors with a hot cocoa or coffee. And I haven’t seen a single mosquito for months.

During this sessional break from legislative house duties, I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with constituents who have popped into my local office for coffee and a chat. Every person has a story, and I feel honoured that some have shared their journeys with me and offered to support me on my own path.

This support comes in many forms, including through updates on local needs so I can advocate better for our community in the Fort Richmond constituency.

When so many areas of the world are lamenting the loss of community, it’s a special blessing to see a resurgence and commitment here in the constituency of Fort Richmond. I hope these efforts to work together to support one another and to find solutions will continue well into the future — for our sake and for the benefit of our children. I have been reconnecting with my neighbours over the last few weeks, and I look forward to forming new friendships as I attend each community event.

In the coming months, I will be co-leading a team to learn about our library systems, and to hear about the areas that could use some improvement. We have dedicated professionals in the field who deliver an important service to the public, and our government wants to ensure continued success for many years to come.

We are coming up on ‘I Love to Read’ month in February, which is a great reason to get out to your local library to find out how the services have evolved.

There will be challenges this year for our new provincial government, but there will also be opportunities for new initiatives and creative efforts. Our team grows each day as more and more Manitobans come forward with their ideas and willingness to be a part of the solution for a better Manitoba. I am proud of our team, and I am proud of our province.