Sou’wester Article: September 26, 2016

Sou’wester Article: September 26, 2016

Sarah Guillemard, MLA for Fort Richmond –

Sou’wester article: September 26, 2016


Working to build a stronger province

The past four months have been full of wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as your new MLA for Fort Richmond, University Heights and parts of Fort Garry.

Fort Richmond has been my home community from the time I was five years old and has shaped who I am today. It is an honour to help serve my neighbours and constituents in this new role, and I encourage you to reach out with your creative ideas for improving our wonderful corner of this beautiful province.

On May 11, I was sworn in as the MLA for Fort Richmond and our new government opened the first session of the 41st Manitoba legislature the following week. The new MLAs from all parties were trained in procedures and decorum. I have enjoyed getting to know all the Members of the Legislative Assembly, and have found the daily activities in this historic Legislative Building fascinating.

Shortly after I was sworn in, Premier Brian Pallister asked me to serve as the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage, Status of Women and Francophone Affairs. It has been a pleasure to work with Minister Rochelle Squires as we get to know the strengths of our arts communities and advocate for the languages and culture of Manitoba. I am in awe of the hard work that has already been done, and look forward to continued success as we pave a new and bright future!  

There are many working parts to a government, and understanding everyone’s roles and responsibilities has been my priority. There are some pretty amazing staff who work hard to keep this province moving forward. I have welcomed my constituency assistant Rae Wagner to my Fort Richmond team. Rae will be an amazing advocate for our community, in addition to supporting me in my new role. Our first goal will be to set up our community office and open our lines of communication to grow connections within our constituency.

Your new provincial government has set some ambitious goals in order to direct Manitoba back onto the path of success. There is tough work ahead for all of us in Manitoba, and the people you have chosen to lead this province are competent, compassionate and strong team players.

I look forward to hearing from you as we work together for a better Manitoba.