Clarifications Re: Provincial Government Cabinet Members Pay Increase

Clarifications Re: Provincial Government Cabinet Members Pay Increase

I have received a few private messages asking to clarify some of the thoughts circulating in the news about whether or not the Provincial Government Cabinet members took a pay increase.

Although I appreciate the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained in the last 10 months privately, I think making my answer public is more beneficial.

What I learned:
– There is legislation pertaining to balanced budgets in Manitoba.
– For any government in power that runs a deficit, each Minister (and the premier) are to take a 10% decrease in salary, up to a max of 40%.
– When Previous Gov. ran two consecutive deficits (and expecting a few more in the years to come) they altered the legislation to max out at 20% cut in order to avoid further penalties.
– The original legislation also included a clause that said if a new Government came into power, they would not begin with a penalty salary caused by a previous Government’s financial mistakes.

When you look at the previous Gov. cabinet salary compared to the new Government’s Salary, the numbers show an increase. However, context matters, and the current salary is reflective of a non-penalty amount, determined by an independent commissioner.

I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion, and please feel free to continue asking me questions you may have!